Poster # 1009 Bioinformatics Support of Cross Correlation of Images with RT Objects and Clinical Meta-Data

Presenter: John Mulhern, MSW

About the Presenter:
Mr. Mulhern is a certified oncology social worker, and started out his professional career in oncology at the bedside end of the field, specifically in the inpatient and sub-acute settings. For the past six years, as a lead associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Mr. Mulhern has been providing program and project management across the National Cancer Institute's cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG(r)) program, with a specific focus on the caBIG(r) Imaging Workspace. Mr. Mulhern coordinates a large network of diverse stakeholders in the imaging, radiation oncology and scientific research community. This has provided Mr. Mulhern the opportunity to develop expertise in imaging and informatics as well as develop an understanding of how imaging can support disease research and clinical decision making.
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