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TR-10 Translational research- drug development

3131: TORC1/2 Inhibition With Concurrent Radiation Controls Inflammatory Breast Cancer In A Preclinical Animal Model Through Selective Blockade Of Translation
Connolly, Eileen
3132: Radiation-Guided 64Cu-radiolabeled Anti-GRP78 To Glioblastoma
Chang, Albert
3133: Albendazole Sensitizes Melanoma and Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells to Ionizing Radiation
Patel, Kirtesh Click abstract title to view poster
3134: Preclinical Studies of Onrigen in Combination with Radiation
Rockwell, Sara Click abstract title to view poster
3135: In Silico Rational Engineering of Radiation Inducible Tumor Targeting Peptides
Ferraro, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster